• About Our PTA

    The Easton PTA serves two schools: Samuel Staples Elementary School and Helen Keller Middle School. Through our community’s membership dues, generous donations and volunteer time, the PTA is able to fund and coordinate many wonderful programs, events and initiatives for our students.

    Take a moment to scan below and see just some of what your PTA membership means to our community!


    Your membership and time is an integral part of the support for our programs.


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  • Your membership and fundraiser dollars, and your generous volunteer time have made it possible for the Easton PTA to fund and/or implement all of this and more!:

    • Extra Curricular Activities: Over 10+ before and and after school activities at Helen Keller Middle School. 
    • HOT School Program at Samuel Staples: Provides educators with vital tools and strategies to develop and expand effective practices in arts education, arts integration, school culture change and leadership development.  For more information on what it means to be a HOT School, visit www.CT.gov online.  
    • School Store:  A great way to promote school spirit and student purchasing autonomy.   
    • Spirit Wear:  Custom designed clothing and gear with school branding to enhance a sense of community; includes gym clothes kits for grades 6-8.  
    • Parent Education Talks:  Bringing in experts to discuss topics that concern our community.  
    • Sponsoring Diversity Day:  An interactive experience for 4th-grade students complementing a K-5 diversity education initiative.   
    • Spring Fling:  A great “food & fun” event on budget election day, as part of our Get Out The Vote initiative.  
    • Book Dedications:  Bolsters our school library’s inventory through donations.  
    • Room Parent Organization:  Provides classroom volunteers to aid educators throughout the year.  
    • Shelf Elf Program:  Volunteer aids for the media center.  
    • Ski Club:  Our most popular student group activity!  A great community-building series of trips.   
    • Turkey Trot:  Giving students the opportunity to donate, as a community, to local food pantries.  
    • Go Green Fashion Show:  A hands-on initiative to increase students’ environmental awareness.   
    • In-house Field Trips:  Interactive learning experiences on school grounds.   
    • Outside Field Trips:  Educational trips to places like Sturbridge Village and the Discovery Museum.  
    • Second Grade Play:  An engaging arts initiative, where each 2nd grader is given a chance to shine!   
    • Book Fair:  An immersive, hands-on book shopping experience for students.   
    • Funding for the Specials:   Supplementing funding for new electronics, musical instruments, and sports equipment.   
    • Coding Class Program:  After school class on computer coding for students grades   4-8.  
  • NEW IN 2017

    • Picnic Tables at SSES: Sufficient outdoor seating for an entire class.
    • Outdoor Equipment for Grades 6-8: Provides a variety of items for student outside use.  
    • Grade 7 Science DNA Lab Materials: Providing hands-on, experimental experiences.  
    • ILA Books for Grades 6-8: Helping grow the classroom library book sets for student learning. · 
    • 4 Standing Desks at HKMS: Gives students more flexibility within their learning environment.  
    • Black Top Painted Activities:  Including hopscotch, foursquare, and a nature activity game.  
    • A Visit from Dr. Sax:  A parent-and-teacher educational experience about topics relevant to our community by renowned author, Dr. Leonard Sax, Ph.D., M.D.